Pioneering Cellular Analysis

CELx Signaling Function Technology

To address the limitations of genomic-focused approaches, Celcuity developed CELx, a functional cellular analysis platform technology. It combines advancements in primary tissue culture methods with a technology that quantifies the functional activity of a signaling pathway in live, diseased patient cells. These proprietary technologies create more precise and complete cancer diagnoses to ensure patients receive the targeted therapy offering the greatest potential benefit to them.

The Rationale for Functional Cellular Analysis

Translational medicine is recognizing that many oncogenic pathways are dysfunctional in surprising and unpredictable ways, and are often uncorrelated to the mutational or expression status of a pathway component. It is now generally recognized that matching targeted therapies to the genetic makeup of individual tumors is proving less effective than expected.

To determine whether a pathway is dysfunctional, our proprietary functional cellular analysis platform directly assesses the functionality of the disease-related signaling pathways of a patient’s tumor cells ex vivo. This direct measurement of cell signaling pathway function provides the most complete diagnosis possible since it identifies whether a potential biological disease driver is present or not.