More Precise Diagnoses Needed to Improve Patient Outcomes

Scientists and clinicians have long sought a method to more precisely diagnose and treat patients. Basing treatment on personalized analysis of a patient’s cells is particularly important for cancer patients, because the drug therapies prescribed often benefit only a fraction of patients.

Functional Cellular Analysis to Identify Abnormal Signaling Activity

In response to the need for more comprehensive analysis, Celcuity developed CELx, our proprietary functional cellular analysis platform. With the CELx platform technology, we directly analyze the functionality of the disease-related signaling pathways using a patient’s diseased cells ex vivo. This technique allows us to develop tests that identify more precisely the biological driver of a patient’s disease so that the drug therapies best suited to treating it can be selected.

Our long-term vision is to establish our CELx platform as the definitive method of guiding diagnosis and selecting drug treatments for certain disease pathways. Initially, we are focusing on tests that identify cancer patients whose underlying disease mechanism is undiagnosed and thus not treated. These tests will enable oncologists to prescribe targeted therapies their cancer patients wouldn’t have otherwise received.

Clinical Trials

Celcuity has completed preclinical and analytical validation studies for our first CELx test, and we are now preparing to field our first clinical trials.