Celcuity is an early-stage venture capital-backed biotechnology company developing novel diagnostic tests that functionally analyze diseased live cells. Our mission is to transform care for cancer patients by providing the most biologically complete diagnosis available. Celcuity was cofounded in 2012 by Brian Sullivan and Lance Laing, Ph.D. in Boston and Minneapolis and is currently based in Minnesota.

Our first diagnostic, the CELx | breast, HER2 Signaling Function Test, identifies a currently undiagnosable sub-type of HER2-driven breast cancer. With the CELx | breast test, we measure the HER2 signaling activity in the live tumor cells of breast cancer patients to identify those with abnormal levels of HER2-driven signaling. This provides a more complete diagnosis compared to current test methods to diagnose HER2-related breast cancer, which only measure HER2 expression or amplification levels of fixed tissue. When only HER2 levels are measured, HER2-negative patients who have abnormal HER2 signaling activity in their tumor cells are diagnosed as not having HER2-driven breast cancer, when, in fact, they do.

By revealing the biological driver of a patient’s disease, Celcuity provides physicians with the information they need to select the best therapy to treat their patients.